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The personal Data Protection Officer at GERFRUIT is: Ms Angélique JAUNAY.

She may be contacted at:

5.1 Information on personal data collection

GERFRUIT collects email addresses communicated on its website when they are provided voluntarily when the contact forms are sent via email, or when signing up to our newsletter.

The email addresses collected are only used to send the information requested.

5.2 Limited use of personal data

GERFRUIT only makes limited use of the personal data collected to answer questions asked via the website.

GERFRUIT only collects and processes user personal information for the purposes of certain services offered on the website https://www.mylord.fr/  :

  • The management of your registration for its newsletter; this processing is based on your consent, which must be given when your register,
  • The management of any publications made by GERFRUIT; this processing is based on our legitimate interest in managing our publications;

Internet users provide this information in full knowledge of the facts, particularly when they enter the information personally when making contact via a form.

GERFRUIT tells you when certain information is compulsory (particularly when there is a legal, regulatory or contractual obligation or quite simply to enable us to process your request or provide you with an answer).

If you do not provide this so-called “compulsory” information, GERFRUIT may not be able to offer you certain services, or process your request or the form in question.

The fields in a form that are indicated as being non-compulsory are left to your discretion. It is up to you whether or not to complete them.

In general, GERFRUIT keeps your data for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, and then archives it for the legally required period, to allow GERFRUIT to meet its legal obligations, or for purposes of proof.


5.3 No third-party access to data and no transfers

The information collected will not be disseminated, transferred, sold, rented, distributed free of charge or exchanged as consideration for third parties.

The data may only be communicated to third parties when there is a requirement to provide proof that the website operator’s rights have been infringed or when there is unforeseen access resulting from the requirement for website maintenance or repair.

GERFRUIT hereby states that it does not transfer data outside the European Union.

5.4 Rights of access, rectification and erasure of data on request

In accordance with the applicable texts in force, and to adhere to the rules and conditions set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), internet users have a right of access, modification, rectification and erasure of the data relating to them.

More particularly, all users have the right of access and rectification, and the right to withdraw their consent to receive the newsletter at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email sent. They also have the right to erasure, limitation, data portability and to object to the personal data relating to them.

This right can be exercised by sending an email request to: donneespersonnelles@mylord.fr or by sending a signed letter to the following address: GERFRUIT – LD La Portière 72500 CHENU, accompanied by a copy of an identity document with the signature of the person writing the letter, and specifying the address to which the reply must be sent.

Internet users are informed that complaints may be made to the CNIL, either:

  • directly online to the following address: cnil.fr;
  • by mail: 3 Place Fontenoy – TSA 80715 – 75334 Paris Cedex 07.



Internet users browsing the website that can be accessed online at https://www.mylord.fr/ are informed that cookies are automatically installed by their browser software from the moment they access the home page.

This tool does not necessarily allow identification of the internet user, but allows information to be collected on their browsing habits on the website with a view to studying, optimising and improving the experience.

The cookies may be of different types:

  • functionality and analytics cookies: these are used to identify your points of interest and adapt the content of the website to them if necessary. They may allow identification of your use, the traffic statistics, particularly to measure the audience for the website and the most visited pages (e.g. Google Analytics or similar applications).
  • technical cookies: these are used exclusively to ensure the website functions correctly.

GERFRUIT service providers may, if necessary, use cookies for the same purposes.

When an internet user visits the website home page, information is immediately accessible in the form of a banner giving the user the opportunity to accept or reject said cookies.

For purposes of proof, GERFRUIT may keep a digital record of the cookies accepted by the internet user when he/she connects.

Internet users are also informed that they can configure their browser software to reject cookies.

If the internet user rejects cookies, GERFRUIT will not be able to benefit from the technical information collected by the cookies.

Every browser has its own configuration, and it is the internet user’s responsibility to be informed of his/her browser’s configuration in order to activate the feature he/she requires; this can be found in particular in the HELP section.

A hyperlink is also provided to direct internet users to this section to obtain information about the device used, the possibility of rejecting the use of these tools and the purpose of such use.