For more than five generations, Mylord’ growers have been experts and lovers of tasty apples. They are demanding when it comes to the crunchiness, the aromas and the juiciness of their fruit.

Mylord’ growers are passionate in their work and committed to land-friendly practices. The expertise and knowledge of the terroir are passed on from generation to generation. Their technical know-how, and the support of the group’s engineers and technicians, allow them to grow quality, flavoursome fruits in an environmentally friendly way that respects the balances of nature.

Our growers are experts in the whole production cycle, starting with the base of the tree itself, which provides the unique characteristics for the formation of a quality apple, through the packaging stage and finally marketing.


Rooted in the heart of the Loire Valley, Mylord’ orchards can be found in the Sarthe, Indre-et-Loire and Maine-et-Loire.

The mild climate and sunny hillsides in this region offer soils that are particularly well adapted to apple growing. This traditional land of vineyards and orchards is where Mylord’ apple-growers put their age-old expertise into practice, working in harmony with nature.


With generations of knowledge and tree-growing expertise behind them, Mylord’ growers are recognised experts in the French apple growing sector, constantly looking to improve their knowledge of their products. These men and women are present in the orchards all year round, to guarantee the quality of their fruit in an environmentally friendly way that respects the balance of nature.

Mylord’ growers guarantee complete traceability of their products, from the orchard to the shops.

The Mylord’ growers’ fruit stations are also at the cutting edge of technology for ongoing innovation to reduce their ecological footprint. Nowadays, packaging is a major concern for the sector as a whole and we are investing in the development of new eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging.


This permanent quest for taste is an inspiration for the men and women of Mylord’: to produce, select and deliver exceptionally tasty fruit. Technical and marketing expertise, quality and packaging are all services located in the heart of Mylord’ orchards. Every link in the chain is important and requires expertise and special know-how. This is the driving force behind Mylord’, a group of men and women with a daily commitment to taste.